Robbie Collett Learning Experience Designer


Easy to play on paper, a beast to code in Storyline. The most challenging—and therefore fun—part, was getting the highlight rectangles to cycle through the options. Guaranteed to predict your future.

Lorem Ipsum

The generic title both hides confidential information from the original, and alludes to the generic content brought from the SME’s. The existing training wasn’t cutting it; a slideshow with a quiz rarely does. This plus a new virtual training has turned things around. I just can’t tell you how.

Mountain Climber

“I wonder if I could recreate that in Storyline…” This time the thought came to me, it was regarding my favorite game on The Price Is Right: Cliffhangers. It was surprising how many extra variables and triggers it took to get it to subtract the lower of two variables from the higher.

The Love Potentiometer

A little bit more advanced maybe even legitimate version of MASH. One of the first, “I wonder if I could do that in Storyline” moments in my ID career. You enter names and numerical judgments and it spits out a compatibility judgment. What could go wrong?

A Sorting Test

A personal project, for a Harry Potter themed reunion, only instead of using the houses from the books, we got sorted into our four grandparents’ families. I wish I could have revealed the result at the end, but there was a whole ceremony for that, so I had to leave the results numerical.

Financial Products Compliance

If you can’t tell by the title, the content of this e-learning didn’t exactly generate a ton of intrinsic motivation. So I had the learners pick an avatar, and wrote it up conversation-style with sarcastic response options to make it more fun.

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